This Week’s Top 5 iPhone 6 Rumors

Take a look at the hottest iPhone 6 topics of this week

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This Week’s Top 5 iPhone 6 Rumors
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Have you missed any interesting rumor related the upcoming iPhone 6? Don’t worry. Here are the top 5 iPhone 6 rumors that buzz the Apple lovers throughout the whole week.

Apple Arranging a Special Event on September 9 for Introducing the iPhone 6

It is the most important topic of this week, which attracted a large number of people and was discussed extensively by different Apple communities. All the major journals, including the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, stated that Apple is highly expected to organize a special event on September 9 for releasing new products. More importantly, the highly anticipated iPhone 6 is strongly rumored to be introduced on the same date. As Apple has been struggling to regain its top position in the US smartphone market from Samsung, the release of the new iPhone is inevitable.

Apple Planning for Equipping Future iPhones with Hidden FaceTime Camera

In this week, a new Apple patent was published, describing about the idea of concealing the front-facing FaceTime camera and a flash in a speaker port located on the front of the screen. The concept might take place in the future iPhones, which will definitely take the innovation of the Apple to a higher level.

New Images Allegedly Revealed the iPhone 6 Rear Shell

The alleged photos were published by Feld & Volk, an exclusive iPhone modifier, showing a completed rear shell of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, which includes a number of new design transformations, including the volume button cutouts, than can reduce the possibility of unintentional volume change, and the addition of an embedded Apple logo, which was only applied in the original version of the iPhone. All the rumored rear shell features are expected to be appearing in the next generation smartphone.

iPhone 6 Reportedly having 2100 mAh Battery

Earlier this week, it was reported that the iPhone 6 will feature the 2100 mAh battery, which is a significant power boost from the 1560 mAh battery of the iPhone 5S. The current flagship iPhone have been largely criticized for not having the desired power. More importantly, for this reason, Apple’s fierce rival, Samsung, had called the iPhone users “Wall Huggers” in an advertisement. So, it will not be surprising to see Apple applying an improved battery in the iPhone 6 in order to shut all the criticisms.

iPhone 6 Reportedly Not having Sapphire display, but NFC

VentureBeat, a technology news website, brought a good and a bad news for the Apple lovers. It claimed that the highly-anticipated sapphire screen would not be included in the iPhone 6. However, it stated that the long rumored NFC chip would be used in the upcoming handset. Though the first one is logical, the application of the NFC chip is very unlikely to happen.




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