How Indestructible Is The iPhone 6’s Display?

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Apple is set to release one of their most innovative devices ever this year, but there is still one new change that hasn’t seen much press. iPhones are known for being easy to break, despite the fact that they use Gorilla Glass that is designed to be unbreakable. Now, however, Apple has decided to begin using Sapphire screens that will be even stronger.

The Sapphire technology is coming from GT Advanced Technologies and it is rumored that they will be used on all of the new products being released. This will be important to the iPhone 6 in particular, since it is sure to be an expensive and highly portable device.

The scale used to measure hardness, the Mohs Scale, sapphire glass comes in at a 9, which means it will be almost impossible to break. It has been tested against both drops and rocks, holding up under both tests. In fact, experiments have been performed with sandpaper, knives, and more that have all proven that it is almost impossible to scratch the screen that will be used in the new iPhone, and presumably the iWatch as well.

There are, of course, some things that will be able to harm the sapphire glass screen of the iPhone 6, but they are not things that the vast majority of people are going to come across in their everyday life. For most people, this upgrade is going to mean that their iPhones are virtually indestructible and make sure that they last longer than ever.


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