Apple Cleared In Patent Trial

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Patent infringement cases are a dime a dozen it seems these days, but Apple has found itself involved in quite a few of them. Their most recent one, with Emblaze, has finally ended after four years.

The patent infringement accusation came in 2010 when Emblaze accused the company of using their live streaming protocol to handle streams from sources such as ABC News, ESPN, and more, in addition to pointing to Apple Keynotes and the iTunes Festival. The protocol has been built into Apple products since 2009, starting with the iPhone.

According to Apple’s legal team, they did not infringe on Emblaze’s patents, but the company is in fact suing them because they are trying to make up for the lack of real world success that they had. He went so far as to call them simply “a company that just sues companies,” accusing them of being just another patent troll.

While Emblaze denied the accusation, they have had trouble producing revenue. They had hundreds of millions of dollars in profit back in 2008, but in 2013 they were down to only $1.9 million. Whether or not that is why they were suing Apple can’t be known, but it was perhaps a chance for them to make up for losses.

This won’t be the last case that Apple faces, though, and there are likely more coming soon. As long as they stay the most profitable company in Silicon Valley, there will be people who believe that they are earning money that someone else should.

Source: arstechnica

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