Apple Opening Up To Third Parties

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At the Worldwide Developers Conference this year, Apple made several announcements about new openings when it comes to development APIs, which will be even more helpful since apps will be able to connect in new ways with App Extensions.

In iOS8, developers will be able to take advantage of social apps the same way that Twitter was integrated into iOS 5. In doing this, Apple is making it possible for social networks, video sharing sites, or even blogging services to create an App that fully integrates into iOS in ways that they can’t currently do. Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, and more will be able to share documents, content, and links without hoping that Apple will integrate it the way they did with Twitter.

This follows the fallout between Apple and Facebook when they attempted to integrate back in 2009. Apple likes to have control of what they use in iOS, but Facebook wanted control as well. This could represent a change in tide as Apple wants their devices to be more fluidly integrated with other pieces of software. While all third party Apps might not have the same level of quality that the Twitter integration has, this is certainly a way to improve the social media experience that so many people rely on in the modern world.

Stay tuned to find out whether your favorite sharing sites are going to be developing their own piece of iOS integration. Not everything is going to be open to developers, but there will be a much greater variety.

Source: Apple Insider

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