Apple Selling More Phones Than Samsung

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Apple has been in fierce competition with Samsung for years now, but a new report suggests that Apple is not only beating Samsung in overall sales, but their growth rate is also toppling the competition.

According to Cihra, Apple is expected to sell 35 million iPhones in Q2 this year. That would work out to a 12% year increase, which is slower than some of the smartphone companies, but still remains above Samsung. In comparison, Samsung will be selling a combined 81 million of their entire line, with only a 6% increase in sales. With so many phones on the market, Samsung should be able to produce even more sales if they hope to take real control of the market.

The problem for Samsung seems to be their lower end phones, which aren’t seeing the right kind of sales numbers. In contrast, Apple has outsold many Samsung devices with their cheaper 5C model, which many people have seen as a flop. That could be due in part to the kind of brand recognition that Apple has. Samsung runs another company’s operating system, making it hard for them to market new devices as something that are worth picking up if you are already a customer, something Apple excels at given their rate of upgrades.

After multiple lawsuits, this is certainly exciting for Apple to see. They have fought hard against Samsung, but they remain a strong competitor, which Apple never likes.

Source: Business Insider

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