Apple Reportedly Contains Plenty of Sapphire Supply for iPhone 6 and iWatch

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The sapphire, a crucial scratch resistance element, might have no supply shortage issue, as a new report claims that Apple has got plenty of supply of the specific material for the upcoming iPhone 6 and iWatch.

According to Mac Rumors, the report has been published by Seeking Alpha, where an analyst, known as Matt Margolis, states that after examining GT Advanced facility of Mesa sapphire plant, he finds that the Cupertino company has abundant supply of the scratch resistant material, and is very likely to produce more than 200m units per year.

GT Advanced has already set up more than 2,500 furnaces. Each of the sapphire containers will weigh more than 200kg. Consequently, the prediction of annual production has been increased significantly from the previous analysis done in February, when Margolis estimated a yearly supply between 100 to 200 million units.

However, the current estimation indicates that Apple will have no problem applying sapphire in every iPhone 6 and iWatch effectively, consequently enhancing the durability.



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