New Apple Patent Reveals the Innovative Smart Cover for iPad

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The iPad might be getting an innovative cover in the near future, as a new Apple patent reveals such a Smart Cover in which LED components can be illuminated to indicate different stuffs, including incoming message and low battery charge.

According to Apple Insider, the patent, entitled as “Intergrated visual notification system in an accessory device,” has been published by the US Patent and Trademark Office today. It describes about such a system in which LEDs will light up icons constructed into its exterior, including an envelope for incoming messages. They can be either organized on the Smart Cover surface according to the importance or show different color based on the exigency. The system also includes translucent panels, enabling a portion of the iPad’s screen to display notification as well as content associated with it.    

According to Tech Crunch, the patent discusses two approaches of powering the Smart Cover. In the first one, the iPad magnet is customized similarly to a MagSafe adapter to create a flow of energy. In the second one, the tablet as well as other sources can provide the Smart Cover with the power via inductive charging in order to drive the active notifications. Though the active model requires a power source, the passive model doesn’t need inbound energy to continue the operation.

Though the publication of a patent doesn’t mean that the described technology will be indeed used in the future, the application of Smart Cover will create a massive buzz for the next iPads, as it will definitely enhance its innovation.  



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