Apple Reveals New iCloud Storage Package

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Apple’s iCloud storage service has become more competitive, as the Cupertino company reveals the new storage plan.

According to Apple Insider, the plan is cheaper not only for consumers but also for developers. Right now, the 20GB storage capacity costs only $0.99 every month, while the 200GB costs $3.99 for the same period. Moreover, a bigger storage plan of 1TB capacity is available, but its cost hasn’t been revealed yet. On the other hand, the entry level, free plan still offers 5GB storage, which lags far behind from its major competitors, including Google, which provides 15GB without any cost.

Apple has also announced about a new feature, known as CloudKit, which enables the developer to save their important data not only in the cloud’s asset storage but also in database space. The CloudKit storage begins with 5GB for assets and 50MB for database, which grows to 100MB and 1MB respectively with each user. In the first case, the data transfer rate is limited to 25MB per day for assets and 250KB per day for database. For the other case, the maximum speed is 0.5MB per user for assets and 5KB per user for database.

The storage is free up to 1PB for assets and 10TB for database, with 5TB and 50GB per day respectively.  It is indeed a great offer compared with Amazon’s Simple Storage Service, where the same offer would cost $40,000 a month.

Apple’s new iCloud storage plan is expected to take away a huge number of developers from its major rivals, including Dropbox.



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