Enhanced Location Settings Coming With iOS 8

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The CoreLocation set of geopositioning tools are used to track iPhones and have been accurate in the past, but a new update coming with iOS 8 is going to make it even more accurate and bring indoor positioning systems to the software.

This is going to be complimenting iBeacon, which is being used to contact people within certain locations such as stores and arenas. Recently, Apple acquired WiFiSLAM, who has been one of the top startups for this kind of technology, and they are going to begin accepting signups now fro different venues in areas like San Francisco.

One of the examples that they are giving is for use in museums, when visitors can be directed to specific exhibits that might be of interest, and then integrating that technology with existing apps for providing a guide to guests. This could also apply to Airports, where a constant flow of information is always helpful to people trying to find their flight and receive updates on what is happening around them.

In a sense, this is simply a way to bring more services together in one place for Apple customers. iBeacons, Maps, and more will be coming together like never before in iOS 8.

Source: techcrunch

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