Apple Unveils Yosemite, Their Biggest Desktop Change Yet

This is the Surface Studio

The upcoming update to OS X is going to be incredibly different compared to past releases from Apple. In fact, it is the largest update they have done in a decade, with the exception of iOS 7, which changed the way iPhones look in a major way.

It is far too early to take a long look at how Yosemite is going to work, since it is in the initial beta testing phases for developers and power users, but there is no denying that it looks very different and claims to have a lot of things that aren’t going to be found anywhere else.

The design is recognizable as an Apple product, but it nonetheless looks very different. They have worked hard to change the icons and buttons to have a “flatter” appearance and fit in with what designers now see as the most innovative style. Even the font has been changed to give a drastically different look.

Notifications are also one of the big changes that is coming. OS X notifications will now look more similar to iOS’s than the current Mac version, but it is also going to be much more simple and helpful compared to what is currently available in OS X. The notification bar is going to take over for widgets, rather than working with them as they do now.

These are just two things to think about, but the truth is that this is a major update that we’ll see later on this year. This fall Yosemite will be available for free to all Mac users.

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