Apple’s “Freemium” Software Sales Examined by Italian Antitrust Body

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The Italian government looks to be very serious about investigating the sales policy of “Freemium” software, as its antitrust regulator continues to examine Apple’s specific apps.

According to Apple Insider, not only the software of Apple but also of a number of major technology companies, including Google, Amazon, and Gameloft, are analyzed for the in-app purchases, as the Italian body wants to ensure the customers being provided with appropriate information while buying products, consequently eliminating confusion.

The Italian antitrust body said, “Consumers could be led to think, contrary to reality, that a game is completely free and therefore they don’t know ahead of time the game’s true cost.” The regulator added, “It appears also that there is a lack of information regarding how to exclude or limit the possibility of making a purchase inside the app.”

In the previous, the European Union suggested the company not to move forward strongly with the “freemium” app strategy, as it involves a confusing approach of allowing the customers downloading specific software free of cost, and then enticing them to buy its features with the credit cards. However, the EU stated that it will cooperate with Italian antitrust regulators to examine the issue, ultimately create a way of rearranging the policy.

However, Apple hasn’t made any comment regarding the matter.



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