Apple Acquires New Camera Expert

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Apple’s iPhone has been known as a mobile device that has a camera that is much better than much of the competition, but that lead might be growing with their most recent acquisition.

This comes in the form of Ari Partinen, someone who has been the lead on “Lumia Photography” at Nokia since July of 2013. He was the resident camera expert and was hailed by many company executives there as being the best in the business. Now, however, he will be bringing that expertise to Apple.

At Nokia, he has helped with their PureView camera technology, which worked to provide almost 41 megapixels in images that were far and away the best that any company has been able to produce. What of that ingenuity he is going to bring to Apple remains to be seen, although it should go without saying that he will be helping with the upcoming model of the iPhone, which is expected to be released later on in 2014.

This is the latest move by Apple to take power away from Microsoft, their major PC competitor. Microsoft purchased Nokia for nearly $7 billion recently, a move that helped them take a large chunk of the mobile phone market, although they still have not been able to conquer Apple.

Source: CNET

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