Apple Being Criticized For Lack of Innovation Without Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs’ death over two years ago came as a shock to many, but the company has still been following in his footsteps, despite his wishes to the contrary.

According to their reports, Apple has a problem with not innovating fast enough. They even still use Jobs’ voice in recent ads online, something that they say shouldn’t be done if the company is going to continue to innovate.

That might be changing, though, under the guidance of Tim Cook, since there are multiple products set to be released within the next year. According to his own words,

Apple is working on something that will be as revolutionary as the iPad, a large statement for someone that has only overseen the company for two years now. Apple refused to comment, but there is no doubting that the stock has stalled and growth has slowed in recent time. That could of course be due to people waiting for the next products to be released, but it is worrying to some nonetheless.

Among the expected products are an iWatch, new iPhones, and more, but what kind of impact they will have isn’t known as of yet. This could mean they are finally following the advice of Steve Jobs himself, when he told them to never act in a way that they thought he would, but rather follow what they felt was right.


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