One Apple Settlement Impacts Samsung Court Case

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The patent-infringement suit between Apple and Motorola has ended in a ruling from the US Court of Appeals. The court ruled that the previous ruling would be upheld, which caused the court in the Samsung case to allocate an extra hour of time for both sides to present arguments.

The problem comes from courts interpreting patents, rather than clear cut designs, as Apple claims. Apple has already disagreed with the interpretations that the Motorola case ended with, but the same might be happening with the Samsung case.

Apple will, however take the lessons learned in that case to improve their remaining time in court. Now that Apple understands how courts are going to continue viewing their patents, they will be able to construct an argument that will be more suited to the court.

The fight will continue, however, as Apple attempts to sue phone manufacturers rather than Google itself, who created the Android operating system. With Google, they have a formidable opponent, and one that they might not have success with. Should the court rule in Apple’s favor, though, Google might make changes to the operating system in order to protect themselves. Continue reading for more information on what happens and what we can expect after a ruling is finally reached.

Source: CNET

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