When will Ahrendts Join Apple as the Chief of Retail Branch?

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Angela Ahrendts, the CEO of Burberry, the CEO of Burberry, might join Apple later than the expected time, as she is reportedly trying to delay her arrival in order to collect a massive bonus from the Brirish luxury fashion house. 

Back in October 2013, it was announcement that Ahrendts would join Apple in Spring 2014. However, according to the Guardian, she might not leave her present company until July, as she is looking to get two separate bonuses worth of £8 million.

Rahul Sharma, an analyst from Neev Capital, said, “It’s a big sum of money. In some ways it would be good to see the business moving on after six months of handover time. You want to see clarity.”

On the other hand, according to Apple Insider, some sources state that Ahrendts is trying to set up such a deal that will enable her to leave in May along with a portion or all of the bonuses. Moreover, Christopher Bailey, the successor of Ahrendts in Burberry, is delaying to join his new job because of the stockholders.

Nonetheless, sooner or later, Ahrendts is definitely going to join Apple. With her high-level experience, the tech giant might expand its market effectively and generate a huge number of sales.



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