Apple Rests Case Against Samsung

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Five days of court proceedings have resulted in a lot of revelations, but Apple has now rested its case against their competitor Samsung. This was not until they had reiterated their point that they believed Samsung to be nothing but a copycat.

Apple brought in experts to analyze what actually happened, and the kind of impact that it had on the company as a whole. They claim they are due $2 billion in damages, but Samsung is trying to fight off that claim, which they will now do over the next week.

Samsung will attempt to downplay the claims that Apple has made against them, showing that they are not copycats, but merely another company who had similar ideas that reflected what the market was asking for at the time. if they fail to do this, they could be paying a large sum of money as well as facing a ban on some of their products that bring in a lot of revenue, making them miss out on even more.

The result remains to be seen, but Apple is using a different strategy than the previous case, which landed them $938 million in damages. Apple’s team of witnesses say that they were essentially risking the company by spending this amount of time and money on the iPhone, only to have it be stolen by Samsung.

Source: Theverge

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