Survey Shows 60% of Teens Have Tablets and Prefer Apple

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According to a new survey, 60% percent of all teenagers have an iPhone and they are anxiously awaiting the release of the iWatch as well. The teenage market can have a big influence on the rest when it comes to deciding what is “cool,” but Apple doesn’t seem to have any problem with that at the moment.

There were 7,500 teens surveyed and they by and large prefer Apple products by a vast margin. Even the ones who currently don’t have an Apple product say that they would be getting an iPhone in the coming months. That goes far beyond just tablets and phones, though. Anything that Apple has produced has a large teenage audience, including things like their earbuds, which most people have complaints about.

When surveyed, most teens said they don’t have a smart watch, but their interested peaked when they were asked about one produced by Apple. A teenage market is a big advantage for electronics producers, so the iWatch will be a great chance to snatch up even more of a market that they already control or the most part.

As time passes, Apple will continue to gain a stronghold. The Android platform is very popular, but it is split between a variety of devices. When it comes to handling only a handful of products, Apply is by and large the winner overall, and by a drastic amount in the teen market.

Source: NY Daily News

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