Apple Might Still Be Releasing An iTV

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Tim Cook has stated several times that there are plenty of products in the pipe line for Apple this year and there are plenty of rumors as to what they might be. We already know an iWatch is going to be in the works in the future, but the iTV is one that many are still hoping for despite not many signs of a release.

According to reports from an analyst in Korea, a company has started producing 65 inch sample panels for Apple as part of their collaboration on an iTV. Whether or not this means they will be releasing the tv can’t be known as this point, though, because the report says that Apple is only testing them, not producing them in mass numbers yet.

The original plan, according to sources, was to release an iTV later this year, but that might be delayed until 2015 at this point. One of the problems is the price of OLED TV’s since they are incredibly expensive at the moment. Experts say that the price can drop to $4000 by the end of 2014, which still might be out of reach for many Apple customers.

This doesn’t mean they have any definite plans, but OLED TV’s are already expected to be the future of entertainment, which means Apple will likely get into the game at some point or another, it is just a question of how soon they will get involved.

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