Comcast Says Apple Has New Set-Top Box In Works

This is the Surface Studio

Everyone has agreed that there are certainly new Apple products in the works, including a new version of the Apple TV. In order to keep up with other boxes, Apple is expected to release something new that also includes a Game Store type app that will let people play more games from their Apple TV.

This is coming from an FCC filing from Time Warner Cable and Comcast, where they explain their reasons behind wanting to merge. They claim that it is important due to the changing media platforms, including the fact that Apple is going to be investigating new Apple TV options. This could just be rumors based on speculation from their company, but several groups of people believe that they might actually be working with Apple on a new model that will take advantage of what they have planned in the future.

The reports that have been received say that it should be coming out this year, although there hasn’t been a lot of information released so far. This sheds new light on whether or not it is actually going to be coming out, although it might not be trustworthy.The fact that it is also mentioned in several other reports seems to confirm it is very possible and will very likely be happening in the near future. Stay tuned for more information on what to expect from the Apple TV.

Source: 9to5mac

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