New iMacs and MacBook Airs Are Coming

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Apple has been known for producing some of the best computers that have ever been produced. Unfortunately, they also happen to be very expensive. That might be changing with the release of a new iMac that is much more affordable, in addition to introducing an even more powerful MacBook Air that has a Retina display.

According to the reports from China, Apple is working on redesigning the MacBook Air to have a Retina display, along with a fan-free design that has fewer outputs and inputs in addition to a trackpad that doesn’t have a mechanical clicking motion. These minimalist Air models will be a 12 inch model and find a middle ground between current models for variety. The new iMac is what many people are hoping on, though, since it is rumored that this quarter will see its release.

The iMac is a great choice for a home computer, but it is out of reach in terms of price for many people. This is to compete with companies like HP and Lenovo who make their own all-in-one desktops.

Both of these are great for adding more variety of the Apple line. Many people have criticized them for only offering a couple of products and this will change that. The hope is that this will encourage 23 percent growth in their market share, adding massive profits to an already profitable company.

Source: Appleinsider

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