New Study Finds iPhones Are Less Likely To Be Broken

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iPhones have a large user base, but that comes at a cost. The price of iPhones have been a point of contention for years, but there are new reasons to think that you might not have to worry as much as you think.

There is a company called ProtectCell that insures iPhones against damages and theft and they have released their data on how many they are processing on a regular basis. Of all of the phones that they cover, they discovered that iPhones are 11 percent less likely to have to send their phone in for repairs. In total, though, they are 46 percent less likely to request a replacement. There are a couple of reasons that this might be true, but it seems that iPhones are much less stronger than you would think after talking to people who complain about their screen cracking.

Another interesting fact from the release is that iPhones are 65 percent more likely to be stolen than any other device. That might not come as a surprise to any iPhone user who has had this happen, but it is an incredible figure compared to all of the other phones that are on the market. The benefit to this is that iPhones have a lot of features to protect you if your phone is stolen. Windows and Android phones don’t have this luxury.

This is good news for someone who has an iPhone and is worried about breaking it. Although, it is always important to have a repair policy in place just in case.

Source: Appleinsider

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