360° Coverage : Apple Demands $2 Billion from Samsung in the Patent Case

Apple Demands $2 Billion from Samsung in the Patent Case

Apple is again looking to humiliate Samsung, but the main target seems to be the huge market of Google’s Android operating system

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Apple Demands $2 Billion from Samsung in the Patent Case
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Samsung might have to pay a huge amount of money to Apple once again, as the Cupertino company has demanded a massive penalty of $2 Billion in a patent trial.

The trial involves with the latest model of Apple and Samsung devices, including iPhone 5 and different versions of Galaxy. As usual, both the companies have accused each other of infringing the valuable patents.

According to the Time, the latest case deals with such patents that are involved with several significant functions of the iPhone, including the universal search feature, a system of inserting links in the text messages, predictive text feature and the synchronization of calendar, e-mail, and address book data. However, the most controversial patent is involved with the slide-to-unlock feature.

Apple accuses Samsung of breaching its patent by saying that the Korean company “systematically copied Apple’s innovative technology and products, features, and design, and has deluged markets with infringing devices in an effort to usurp market share from Apple. Instead of pursuing independent product development, Samsung slavishly copied Apple’s innovative technology, with its elegant and distinctive user interface product design, in violation of Apple’s valuable intellectual property rights.”

Samsung rejected the accusation, stating that the tech giant is continuously breaching its patents. It says, “Without the ability to enforce its intellectual property rights, such as those relating to mobile device technology at issue In this action, Samsung would not be able to sustain the extensive commitment to research and development that has enabled it to lead the way into numerous improvements across a broad range of technologies including mobile device technologies at issue in this action.”

Though it seems that Apple’s goal is to humiliate Samsung, many analysts believe that the tech giant is ultimately targeting Google, the company which develops the Android operating system for Samsung’s mobile devices. As Android occupies a massive share in the global smartphone market, Apple is looking to create a pressure on Google by trying to legally prohibit several Samsung mobile devices from being sold.





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