Apple Aiming To Make Texting Safer

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One of the biggest concerns for people who text and walk, hopefully those who drive and text are stopping immediately, is running into things. Everything from a lamppost to a parked car can be a hazard when you are trying to type out your message to a friend. That is why Apple has filed a new patent that will hopefully clear some of that trouble and make texting safer.

According to the patent, the iPhone will use the camera on the back of the phone to display what is going on in front of you, while displaying the text menu on top of it. Much like the way that augmented reality games work, this will bring the world in front of you into your phone.

There is one problem with this idea, though, because many people type while looking down at the ground. This can help if you have a problem with tripping over things, but nothing will help more than looking in front of you when you walk. It isn’t known when this will show up in officially supported software, but it is one of the next features that is expected to show up in the coming months.

Source: cultofmac

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