Judge Rejects Bid for Preventing Consumer Lawsuit Against Apple

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Apple is going to face a huge trouble, as a US District Judge the company’s request of disabling customers in 23 states and territories to sue the company as a group in the e-book price fixing case.

According to Bloomberg, the decision was revealed yesterday by Denise Cote, the US District Judge, stating that the customers who were unable to participate in the case can now go after Apple as a class action, enabling the plaintiffs to gather the resources.

Back in July 2013, Cote declared that Apple had been found guilty of breaching the e-book antitrust policy. The tech giant was trying to force publishers to sign such a deal in which the company would be able to sell the books at a high price, consequently causing damage to the user rights.

Apple was mainly looking to create a difficult circumstance for Amazon.com, the best e-book seller, to alter its pricing policy, as the web service giant was delivering electronic version of the top selling books at only $9.99.

Nonetheless, Apple’s mission was failed as it got caught by the US authority, for which it had to pay a huge amount of money as a penalty. However, the company might be forced to pay more money as damage as it can possibly get sued by the US consumers.   



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