More Rumors About The iWatch

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The iWatch is perhaps on of the most anticipated products that Apple has released in may years. Unfortunately, it is also one that has been met with very little information being released. The China Times has obtained new information, though, about what kind of screen we might be able to expect.

According to the reports, a Taiwan based company called TPK is going to be producing the screens for the high tech watch that promises a variety of health features that range from blood pressure tracking to high tech sleep tracking. The screen will use flexible nanowire that could mean a curved display that will go with the contour of the wrist, a sharp departure from screens that Apple has used in the past.

Also included in their report is the word that they will be producing a large number of new 4.8” iPhones that will be produced alongside the iPhone 5s in their local plant. It will also start using the Snapdragon CPU in the cheaper phone.

Of these rumors, it will be a a while before we have any official word. Apple has been tight lipped about the kinds of things that we can expect from their new line of products, but we do know a lot from the hirings they have been making recently. The hiring of medical professionals, along with the rumored work orders in Taiwan are finally starting to paint a picture of the kind s of things that we can expect.

Source: 9to5mac

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