Tesla CEO says Apple is Unlikely to Purchase the Car Maker

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After much speculation about Apple’s potential acquisition of Tesla, the CEO of the car manufacturer has revealed that there was indeed a conversation about the plan with the tech giant. But the purchase is unlikely to happen.

In an interview with Bloomberg Television on Wednesday, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, informs about the alleged meeting. He said, “If one or more companies had approached us last year about such things there’s no way we could really comment on that. We had conversations with Apple, I can’t comment on whether those revolved around any kind of acquisition.”

However, in case of the possibility of Apple acquiring Tesla, Musk stated that it is unlikely to happen, as the car manufacturer is highly concentrated on constructing electric car, which is its ultimate goal. According to Mac Rumors, he said, “If there was a scenario where it seemed like it would be more likely that we would be able to create the mass market sort of affordable, compelling car then possibly it would sense to entertain those discussions. I don’t currently see any scenario that would improve that probability, so that’s why I think it’s very unlikely.”

The rumor of Apple possibly purchasing Tesla began to buzz throughout the internet when San Francisco Chronicle had earlier stated that the Tesla CEO had met with Adrian Percia, the head of acquisition of the tech giant. However, most of the report rejected the rumor, stating that the officials of the two companies might have talked about their other endeavors, including Apple’s mobile device integration in Tesla’s electric car and a possible deal related to the battery.



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