iPhone to be Sold as High as $1,174 in Brazil

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On 16th February, Apple is going to launch the Rio de Janeiro store, its first store in Latin America, and bringing the iPhone with the most expensive price of all the countries.

According to Bloomberg, the iPhone 5S with 16GB storage capacity will be sold at $1,174 in Brazil. This is certainly much expensive than the price in the US and China where the device is sold at $649 and $872 respectively.      

Neil Mawson, the director of global wireless practice for Strategy Analytics, states that since the US market has been saturated, Apple decides to expand its products to one of the major smartphone markets.

Mawston said, “The hype and shine around that Apple brand is not quite as strong as it was two or three years ago, so I wouldn’t expect as strong a buzz.” He added, “But it still should be quite an exciting launch for Apple, the country and region as a whole.”

The customers of Brazil are clearly not happy with the high price of the iPhone.



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