Steve Wozniak Disparages Apple Relying on Cloud System in View of the NSA Scandal

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Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of the tech giant, states that he is compassionate about Apple being a victim to NSA’s surveillance program, but doesn’t support taking the assistance from server companies.

According to CNET, Wozniak states that Apple’s reliance on server providers is an element of the issue. In the Apps World North America conference, he said, “I think most companies, just like Apple, start out young and idealistic. But now all these companies are going to the cloud. And with the cloud you don’t have any control.”

In case of the government’s secret investigation on devices, Wozniak said, “We don’t have any strong regulations or principles.” He also stated that at a young age, he realized that any suspected user device could be secretly monitored by the security officials. But the strategy is quite different in case of the NSA scandal, which is “a bad path in that direction.”

Back in October, it was revealed that the NSA and the British intelligence agency, GCHQ, had been intruding the server data owned by Google and Yahoo, consequently leading to a huge debate of the investigation policy.  



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