Latest update fixes Apple’s iMovie crashing problems

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Apple finally addressed the issues with its popular video editing software iMovie, which was plagued with a number of issues, including random crashes.

Version 10.0.2 of iMovie for Mac fixed six issues, including a bug that caused the program’s unexpected crashing.

Other resolved issues are failing file sharing, unresponsive Share button, blank project thumbnails and greenish high resolution photos.

With the new update, Apple also fixed the bug which caused features such as Ken Burns, Map and Crop to be unavailable when run on computer using some languages.

The issues resolved by the new update have been reported since the last version of iMovie, which was released in November last year. While the update does not seem big, the resolution of the problems is welcome by the users who experienced them.

iMovie for Mac 10.0.2 version can be downloaded for free from the Mac App Store. The software itself sells for $14.99.

Source: Apple Insider

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