2011 MacBook Pros Suffering from GPU and System Crash Issues

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The complaints from the customers begin to flood the Apple Support Communities thread as the 2011 MacBook Pro becomes affected with GPU issues and system crashes.

According to Mac Rumors, the display issue occurs mainly at the time of playing games or working with tasks which requires high quality graphics. During this time, the user notices image distortion or a completely blank display. However, the problem can be fixed for a short period by rebooting the system.

The users also state that their MacBook Pros are restarting for a constant basis to a gray display. Though Apple has provided a guideline for solving the problem, no suggestion is reportedly working on this case.

In case of several affected MacBook Pros, Apple has changed the logic board. Nonetheless, the issue appears again on those devices. 

Though the cause of the issue has not been identified, Apple is expected to fix the problem very soon.  


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