Apple’s Rockstar Selling Part of Assets

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Rockstar came to the attention of the media in 2011 after purchasing Nortel patents worth $4.5 billion, backed by Microsoft, Apple, Ericsson, Blackberry and Sony. According to the report by Bloomberg, the consortium is now ‘in discussions’ to sell some of it. The reported reason for the sale is their difficulty in finding IP licenses.

There are more than 4,000 patents purchased from Nortel, and the consortium is willing to sell small portion of them. They sold one in July to Spherix, IP Company which paid for it with $1 million in stock, partly in cash in unknown amount and partly in a percentage of potential future profits.
There were rumors in 2012 that Apple was acquiring  quietly quite a number of Rockstar patents. As Rockstar backer, Apple already has access to its IPs, but it seems that for certain properties the company wants complete rights.  It is not certain which properties Apple acquired.

Nortel’s patents included a wide variety of properties from numerous fields, including communications hardware, Internet services, and wireless technologies.

In October this year Rockstar sued Google, Samsung and some other companies for the infringement of internet search related IPs, and asked for future and past damages.

Source: Apple Insider

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