Pegatron Started Using Facial Recognition to Avoid Hiring Underage Workers

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After the tragic death of their 15-year-old worker, Apple’s Shangai partner Pegatron decided to start using advanced version of the facial recognition program to make sure that the workers are not using someone else’s ID to gain employment, as it happened with the deceased worker. A young Pegatron worker who died of pneumonia was hired after he showed his older cousin’s identification. Pegatron produces Apple’s iPhone 5c.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Pegatron potential employees now have to undergo a three-step verification process in order to prove that they fulfill all legal requirements to work for Pegatron. To start with, their Resident ID is scanned to confirm its authenticity. These IDs, issued by the Chinese government, are backed up by a government database, which contains all pertinent personal information on the card carrier. In the next step, the Pegatron staff uses facial recognition program to compare the photo on the ID with the face of the applicant. As a final step in the vetting process, the name of the applicant is checked for a police record.

In China’s growing economy, companies are having hard time complying with all the pertinent laws when they have to find workers for hundreds of thousands of jobs. Ensuring that the employees are older than 16, as the law requires, is particularly taxing. Besides Chinese law, Apple’s Suppliers Code of Conduct also forbids employing children under 16. One Apple’s supplier lost the contract with Apple earlier this year when it was discovered that it had 74 underage workers.

Source: Apple Insider

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