Steve Jobs Document Sold at $40,045 in an Auction

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According to Cnet, an old legal agreement between Steve Jobs and his college buddy Robert Friedland, has drawn a massive price of $40,045 in an auction held on Thursday.

Jeff Rosenberg, the CEO of Tristar Productions, purchased the historic document which consists of 8 pages. It was signed on August 17, 1978 by Steve Jobs and Robert Friedland. The document describes about “a place of business” in MicMinville, Ore.

Bobby Livingston, the vice president of RR Auction, stated, “In 30 years of business, we have only offered one other Jobs item—a signature; this document, incredibly substantial and significant in its connection to a major figure in his life, is of the utmost rarity.”

However, the prospect of the business between the two friends is still unknown. Later, the two buddies chose two separate paths. Steve Jobs accomplished a great success in Apple Computers. On the other hand, Robert Friedland chose mining industry, which ultimately makes him a billionaire.      




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