Apple Apps Mark “1 Million” Milestone in the US App Store

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According to Mac Rumors, the US Apple App Store is found to contain one million live apps.

App Shopper finds that a total number of 1,006,557 apps are currently available on the store, ultimately taking the number beyond the “1 Million” milestone.

In October, Apple stated that its app nline store had a million of apps available in the global catalogue. However, this is the very first time that the US numbers have crossed the “1 million” mark.

Among a million of apps, more than 50% of them are compatible with the iPads. On the other hand, the iPhones have also more than 900,000 apps available on the store. And to get the apps constructed, Apple has paid the developers over $13 billion.

The apps in the store have become extremely successful to attract a huge number of customers. Back in May, the number of app downloads reached the “50 billion” mark, ultimately paving a great opportunity of celebrating the matter with an outstanding offer of a $10,000 gift card for the customer downloading the 50 billionth app. At present, the store has been found with a massive 60 billion of downloads.

The Apple app store has a worldwide reputation for providing outstanding apps for almost every sphere of our lives. The store is expected to continue providing its great service to provide the necessary apps to the global consumers.



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