The Best Apple TV Deal for the Black Friday

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While the Black Friday is 12 days away, the big retailers in the US have begun to set up plans to attract the buyers and generate the maximum number of sales. As a consequence, the customers have got a great opportunity to buy their desired products at a great deal.

Apple’s devices are always successful to attract buyers and generate a huge number of sales on every Black Friday. For this reason, three major retailers in the US, Walmart, Best Buy and Target, are providing great offers for Apple’s devices.

In this year’s Black Friday, many customers are interested to buy the Apple TV. Knowing this fact, the retailers have revealed their special offer for the device.

Best Buy is providing the best Black Friday offer for Apple TV. It is offering the device with $15 discount. Overall, the price of the Apple TV will be only 89.99. Though the deal is not as big as the offer on the iPhone, it is still expected to attract a huge number of consumers.

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Following Best Buy’s path, Target is also providing discount for the Apple TV. The retailer is providing the Apple TV to the consumers with $10 off.

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However, another big retailer, Walmart, is not found to provide any deal for the Apple TV.

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The third generation Apple TV was released on 7th March, 2012. It generated a massive sale of more than 6 million units. The device has been equipped with the A5 chip and provided with new features, such as: enhanced resolution and updated user interface.

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