The Best iPhone Deal for the Black Friday

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While the Black Friday is almost 2 weeks away, the major providers have already begun to reveal their iPhone offers for the occasion.

However, three of the biggest retailers of the United States, Best Buy, Walmart and Target, are going through a strong competition to not only grab the market of iPhone lovers but also own their heart, with the best offers.  

Among the three retailers, Walmart is offering the best Black Friday deal for the latest models of iPhone. Walmart is producing the cheaper version of the iPhone, the 5C model, with 16GB capacity, for only $45 on a two year contract via Verizon and AT&T. Moreover, the company is providing with a $75 gift card to every iPhone 5C purchaser, ultimately creating a way to buy one more iPhone 5C!

Walmart is also providing the best offer in case of iPhone 5S-Apple’s flagship smartphone. The 16GB iPhone 5S is offered at a price of $189.99 on a two year contract. Like the offer of the cheaper version of the iPhone, it also includes a $75 gift card for every purchase, which can be used to pick up the latest apps for the new device.

Look at the Outstanding Walmart Black Friday Offers!

However, Target is offering the iPhone 5S with a $30 gift card. The remaining retailer, Best Buy, is providing the iPhone 5C with a discount of $48.

Look at the Great Target Black Friday Deals!

Look at the Amazing Best Buy Black Friday Deals!  

The iPhone 5S and 5C were released on 20th September. The iPhone 5S model contains A7 processor, upgraded camera, and Touch ID-a fingerprint sensor. On the other hand, iPhone 5C includes the A6 processor, just like its previous version. Both the devices run on iOS 7-Apple’s latest mobile operating system.

We will keep you updated about the latest and best deals of iPhone available for the Black Friday.    




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