Could Crowdsourcing Help Siri?

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The users of Apple devices can be frustrated at times when their questions to Siri come up empty.  The Apple new patent application the US Patent and Trademark Office published today shows that Apple plans to tap into the crowd in order to find answers. The new patent is named “Crowd sourcing information to fulfill user requests” show the next logical step in supporting Siri’s evolution in providing better information to the clients.

Currently Siri uses Yelp, Bing and Wolfram Alpha to collect data for the answer to a question. But, at times these sources are just not enough, especially if  the  wording of the question is confusing to the computer program. According to the new patent, Apple plans on using additional sources of knowledge, such as online questions and answers forums, general sources of information and expert sources. The information would be stored in a knowledge base that is crowd-sourced and the users would be able to access the information using natural language.

The users would be able to choose the source of information, or could let Siri to answer and then use other sources if it could not come up with an answer. The users’ feedback could help Siri learn from their experience.

Depending on the difficulty of the question, the users would have to wait for an answer from a few minutes to a few weeks, depending on the time needed to search the crowd for the answer.

The patent does not guarantee that Apple will actually go ahead with the crowdsourcing idea to support Siri, but the idea seems logical and we can hope to see the patent implemented at some point in the future.

Source: CNET News

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