New Sensors Used with iPhones and iPads Can Help Improve Athletic Performance

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A new sensor kit from Zepp Labs will make your iPhone and iPad tools to improve your athletic abilities. The sensors monitor user’s movements in sports such as golf, baseball and tennis and suggest possible improvements.

The tiny sensor is about one inch wide and a half-inch thick, perfect for being attached to the bottom of a baseball bat or a tennis racquet. Each sensor contains 3D motion sensors and an ARM processor, and can register and record about 1,000 points of data per second and send the information to your iPad or iPhone.

The tennis setup, called Zepp Tennis, which will cost $149.99, will allow you to monitor the number of serves, backhands and forehands you did during each match. It will also measure each stroke’s force, as well as other factors such as flat shots and topspin.

Zepp Baseball and Zepp Golf will have similar options  and will also cost $149.99. The golf version will even measure the swing of your hips if you keep your iPhone in your pocket during the game.

The sensors will be available in the Apple Store on November 19, and in certain Verizon stores on November 21. You can also get them from Zepp’s website.

Source: Maclife

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