Apple vs. Samsung – the New Trial Kicks Off

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In August of 2012 Apple won its patent infringement case against Samsung, but a new trial is necessary to determine just how much Samsung actually owes to Apple. It owes about $600 million in damages, before the appeal, but today’s court meeting is scheduled to determine which part of other $400 million in damages will Samsung still have to pay. Apple’s attorney McElhinny wants $380 million, a bit less than the original demand for $410 million. He is expecting that Samsung will try to show that nobody would have bought Apple’s products, but a Samsung’s internal document proves that they caused Apple to lose sales.

The amount of $380 million that Apple’s attorney demands is calculated as the sum of $114 million in lost profits, plus $231 in Samsung’s earned profits, plus $35 million in royalties. According to Apple, Samsung made about $3.5 billion from selling 10.7 million patent-infringing devices.

The current trial is seeking damages for a number of old Samsung devices that infringed Apple’s patents, such as Continuum, Captivate, Droid Charge, Galaxy Prevail and others. The trial that will deal with new infringing devices is planned for March.

Source: 9to5mac

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