The Launch of iPad Mini Interrupted by A Screen Bug

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The launch of ipad mini has been set back for a last-minute bug which is associated with burn-in issue of the LCD panel.

According to ETNews, a Korean news site, the issue has been originated from IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) applied in panel produced by Sharp.

The panels have been decided not to be used as they do not pass Apple’s technical standard. However, the issue cannot be noticed with normal vision.

Sharp’s issue has forced Apple to contact with its fierce rival, Samsung, to get new display panels for the latest version of iPads. However, no contract hasn’t been made yet.

An unknown “industry guru” says, “If the burn in problem is not solved, Apple will be in a fix.” He added, “If Apple relaxes the technological standards for the burn-in, consumers’ perception of Apple may deteriorate, and if not, it will have to change its supply chain and delay the launch of the new product.”

The tech giant is expected to solve the issue very soon.



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