Samsung Accused of Leaking Apple’s Patent Documents

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Samsung has been found to breach Apple’s patent-licensing agreement. As a result the judge has asked the Korean giant to explain why they shouldn’t be fined.

Paul Grewal, the judge, states that the patent -licensing agreement looks to be violated, consequently warrant sanctions against Samsung and its attorneys.

According to the Verge, Apple provided Samsung with a private document of patent-licensing agreement. Other major technological companies, including Nokia, Ericsson, Sharp and Phillips, also did the same thing. The court declared an order of protecting the agreement, stated that it can only be used by legal counselor in court cases.

Samsung has been accused to apply the information of confidential documents with a view to taking advantage in the highly competitive technological market. Apple indicts Samsung to leak the documents to more than its 90 employees.

Another tech giant, Nokia, has also filed to the court against Samsung with a similar issue. 

However, both Apple and Nokia have been requested to provide their suggestion for possible penalties. On the other hand, Samsung has been informed to get ready for the defense.




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