Apple’s Court Filing Asks Government to Be More Transparent on Seeking User Information

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On Tuesday, Apple revealed a filing which described requests for providing customer information from several agencies under the US government, and asked for a greater transparency.

Apple’s request for being more transparent disputes with the rules of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA Court), as the government agency is not allowed to provide the collective number of demands as it can endanger the national security.

According to Apple Insider, not only Apple but also other companies is restricted by protocol, which disables them to publish the aggregate number of demands publicly with respect to the exact number, except the range.

Apple as well as other reputed technological companies is against this restriction and asking for permission to publish the precise numbers, instead of the indefinite range.

Following Apple’s path, Dropbox has also released a filing asking more transparency from the government. However, the judgment of the case is yet to be revealed.  



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