iOS Engineering Vice President Leaves Apple

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Henri Lamiraux, a key iOS engineering executive, has been reportedly retired from Apple after being involved with the company for 23 long years.

Lamiraux has confirmed the news to 9to5Mac with an email. His LinkedIn profile also reveals his retirement status, stating himself as a “Retired iOS Engineering Vice President-Apple.”

Lamiraux stated that he has retired from the company two weeks ago, just after the release of iOS 7.0.3.

Apple’s iOS division states that they always have a great respect for Lamiraux. He was the key person to develop all the iOS applications.  He was in charge of developing all the major features of the iOS applications as well as fixing different bugs. He also handles the framework of iOS which not only enhances different functions but also enables the developer to build new applications.

In 1990, Lamiraux started his career at Apple as a Mac software engineer and remained on the branch for 10 years. After being promoted to senior positions, he joined the iOS department in 2005. He also worked in various managerial positions, ultimately became the iOS Engineering Vice President in 2009.  

However, Apple declines to make any comment on Lamiraux’s departure.  



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