Apple Has a Way of Dealing with Battery Problems With iPhone 5S

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In its interview with the New York Times, Apple confirmed that a certain batch of iPhones 5S left the factory with faulty batteries.

Apple described the problem as a “manufacturing issue”. The consequences of the ‘issue’ are that some phones will take longer to charge or will have shorter battery life.

The company’s spokesperson informed the New York Times that Apple plans to contact customers who have faulty phones and give them a replacement. No explanation was given how exactly will this be accomplished. But, 9to5Mac found out that Apple plans on using phones’ serial numbers to contact the customers who bought the faulty handsets.

Those customers whose phones appear to be affected by the faulty battery issue but who have not received a call from Apple’s representatives should contact AppleCare. If the serial number of their phone is in the database as malfunctioning, they will qualify for the replacement. They can then go to the nearest Apple authorized dealer and swap a bad phone for the good one or get the new phone mailed to them.

It is not yet known exactly how many iPhone 5S handsets are exhibiting the battery problem, but Apple claims that the number is very limited. The company has sold almost nine million iPhones 5S and 5C handsets during the first weekend of their release.

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