Kids Want iPhone for Christmas

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Santa is Apple’s best friend. In a recent survey, kids between 12 and17 said that the top of their wish list for Santa is an iPhone. Kids are showing that they know what the quality is. Interestingly, more girls than boys wanted iPhones. No surprise there. Pretty as they are, iPhones are becoming a must-have fashion accessory.

The survey was conducted by Ebates, an online shopping site. The surveyors were checking what kids are interested in, what they desire and just how much they know about modern gadgets and the difference between them. 

About 88 percent of interviewed kids wanted some kind of gadget as a holiday gift. Apple’s iPhone was firmly on top of their wish list. Not just any cell phone, they were very precise. Only about 12 percents of kids said that they would be happy with a Samsung Galaxy, but 32 percents of kids wanted the latest Apple’s iPhone.

Those kids that did not listed an iPhone as their top wish wanted another Apple toy: the iPad. This is not so surprising, really, considering how many kids’ and educational apps exist for iPad. Not that the kids were thinking about the homework when they listed iPad as the second most desired gadget from Santa.

Boys were not showing such a sophistication as girls when it comes to their wish list. The top gift choice for boys was the PlayStation 4. Finally something not made by Apple.

It seems that this particular generation adopted iPads and iPhones as their lifeline and must-have gadgets, since they asked for it when surveyed last year as well. They have grown a year, but they still want what they want. The older kids wanted Macs for Christmas last year.

Fortunately for the kids, and Apple, 54 percents of surveyed parents said that they were actually planning on getting an Apple gadget for their kids’ Christmas gift. No weird sweaters and socks in the Christmas stocking for these lucky American kids.

Source: CNET News

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