Chinese Consumers Still Prefer iPad Air than Android Tablets

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Beijing had its share of iPad Air craze when the new device became available for sale in the local Apple stores on Friday morning. There were about 50 people in line waiting for the opening of the store at 8 am. The earlier launches of Apple’s new products used to attract hundreds of people on the first day of sale. The things changed when Apple instituted a system of reservations, to prevent long lines and possible fights among customers. But, the Beijing customers waiting on their new iPad Air said that it was fairly easy to get a reservation.

Quite a number of people who were waiting for their new Apple’s iPad Air had the previous models – iPad2 and iPad3 and believe that Apple has good products.

While Apple remains the biggest seller of tablets in China, the sale of Android tablets is on the rise. According to the report from the research company IDC, the shipment of Apple’s tablets to China in the second quarter dropped to only 28 percents of market share. The competing Samsung products and products by Lenovo and even some unknown sellers had an increase in the shipment of their products.

IDC analyst Chang believes that the shipment will increase with new iPad Air, as well as iPad mini, which is planned to arrive at the end of November. He is convinced that iPad Air will be popular among Chinese customers due to its improved performance, very light weight and thinner design.

Chang is convinced that the companies that sell Android tablets, such as Acer, Lenovo, Sony, Asus and Samsung will continue to chip away Apple’s market share because of the huge difference in the price, regardless of the iPad Air’s superior performance and great quality. Android devices are now available in China for as little as $100. At the same time, Apple’s iPad Air price in China starts at $585 or 3588 Chinese yuan. The big difference in price was not preventing a large number of Beijing customers to eagerly wait for the new iPad Air when the Apple stores in Chinese capital started selling them.

Many customers who patiently waited in line for their new iPad Air said that they are willing to pay more for a better quality tablet, especially if they previously owned Android tablets.

Source: Macworld

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