iPad Air Gets Low Score from iFixit

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The new Apple’s tablet barely got out of the box when iFixit took it apart and checked it for repairability. The news is not good: iPad Air scored only 2 (10 is maximum). It is only a bit better than the recently examined Microsoft’s Surface 2, which scored even worse: only 1. It makes it the most difficult tabled to repair.

iFixit, the company that takes apart and examines a wide range of tech products, got its hands on iPad Air on Thursday. After taking it down to its internal components, the company found that it is very possible that the tablet will be damaged if taken apart because its glass will be damaged. For that reason iPad Air received the low repairability score of only 2.

The problem with iPad Air, and all other iPads, is that its front panel is attached to the other parts of the tablet with glue, so the possibility that the glass will crack while it is being taken apart and repaired is greatly increased. iFixit also wrote in its report on iPad Air that it has extremely difficult procedure for removing the battery, the worst of all Apple tablets.

While examining iPad’s repairability, iFixit checked out all other tablet’s component and found out that it had an LG display. It also discovered that the device’s A7 processor is different from the one installed in the iPhone 5S. Its SDRAM came from Elpida and the Flash storage from Toshiba. The device’s Wi-Fi module was delivered by USI. The touch-screen controllers were supplied by Broadcom.

The newly launched Apple’s new iPad Air’s starting price is $499 and it is generally expected that it will be well received and be popular well beyond the launch. But, once it gets broken, its repair will probably be too much trouble for DIYers.

Source: CNET News

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