Survey Finds iPhone as Kids’ “No. 1 Holiday Wish!”

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According to Cnet, a survey seeking the answer to the most desired gadget among 12 to 17 years olds finds that the iPhone is in the first place of all the holiday wishes.

The survey was taken by Ebates, an online shopping site, who found that 88% of the kids want a gadget as a gift during the holidays. The most desired device among them was the iPhone.

Apple’s iPhone was found as their “No. 1 Holiday Wish” with 32% percent vote. However, the iPhone’s fierce rival, Samsung’s Galaxy, managed to get support from only 12% of kids.

The kids and teens are not only interested in iPhone but also in other Apple’s devices. The iPad was found as their second most desired gadget.

The survey also reveals an interesting difference between the choice of boys and girls. The boys were found to prefer PlayStation 4 over the iPhone. But the choice was completely different in case of the girls, as 41% of them want the iPhone more than any other devices, ultimately giving the Apple win based on overall results.

The survey will indeed provide the parents with a great guideline to buy the right gift for their children in order to see a big smile!



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