Apple’s iPads dominate US elementary schools, with room for improvement

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In his call after the fourth quarter earnings reveal, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook boasted that Apple’s iPad’s share of education market is “unheard of.” Although he has never seen such a huge market share, Cook said that there is a lot of space for much more expansion.

A survey interviewed 160 teachers and 374 parents from all over the U.S. The agreement among teachers was almost unanimous that tablets need to reach the rest of preschools and elementary schools that do not currently use this technology. More than 83 percent of interviewed parents agreed with such a move.

Non-iPad tablets do not stand a chance against Apple in education. One of the big reasons is unavailability of educational software. Apple’s iBooks Textbooks initiative, selling e-textbooks online is on to a good start.  Of the most popular educational apps listed by the surveyed parents, which are available for Apple devices, only ten percents are available for Google’s Android as well. 

John Friend, director of PocketPhonics, explains that it is difficult for his company to justify the development of apps for other platforms since their market is so small. The costs of developing an app is just too high. PocketPhonics developed apps In My Pocket.

Source: Apple Insider

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