Mavericks Discovered with Movement Identification Ability Applying Ambient Light Sensor

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Moshen Chen, a freelance app developer, finds that the latest OS X Mavericks is using the integrated ambient light sensor in order to detect the presence of the user more efficiently.

The OS X operating system has the ability to turn off or put the display to the sleep mode, but was mainly based on the input of mouse and keyboard. But according to the developer of Living Earth, the ambient light sensor feature has been undercover in the recently released Mavericks.

Apple Insider reports that in the initial stage, Chen thought that the iSight camera was performing the function. But after working on several experiments, other developers informed that it was not the case. According to The Verge, “after covering the camera but not the light sensor, we were able to delay sleep mode by changing the ambient lighting conditions.”

Almost every generation of MacBook Pro contains the ambient light sensor. The recent models of iMac and standalone displays have also been equipped with it in order to tune the brightness of the keyboard backlights and display. However, Apple hasn’t been found to use this sensor for any other application.

This is the very first time that any Apple operating system has been found with the identification ability by applying ambient light sensor data.




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